CMS Filter - Manipulate tag value


I’ve added a location filter. If filters on “Amsterdam” it will show all jobs within a range of 50km from Amsterdam.

I do this with RD coordinates and I put them as a range the filter input. This works perfectly. But the values of the inputs are shown in the filter tags. I would like to show a filter tag with “Amsterdam - 50km” for example.

How can I manipulate the content of the filter tags?

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Hey @remonw! Your site seems to require a password, you can DM it to me if you’d like me to take a look :wink:

However, this setup option might be what you are looking for.

Hi @Support-Luis,

Thank you for your response.

Sorry, my bad. You can find an accessible version here: Assignments | Eébel

If you go to “Filter” and search for a Dutch city (Amsterdam for example), it will filter on assignments within a range of 80km from Amsterdam.

I don’t think your suggestion will work with what I mean. I want to hide the tags with the coordinates and add tags for the location input and the max distance input. Is this possible?

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Hey @remonw! I’m afraid there is no native way of styling the individual tags, however, I will suggest this as a feature request for the next update.

Okay, good to know. Thanks!

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