Problem with “CMS Load” → Load Under

I have a problem with “CMS Load” → Load Under, it works randomly only on one site (No problem on other sites).

I made a test page here with the version that works randomly (refresh the page several times):
I made the same page with another site that works very well here:

For your information, the first site has localization enabled. That’s the only big difference I see. Is it possible that it causes a problem?
I don’t understand what is going on, can you help me?

Hey @info12! It seems CMS Load is not being correctly initialized sometimes. I am not sure if this is a result of localization but I did notice that changing the script tag to defer would fix the issue.

Can you test this while I dig into what could be causing the bug?

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Yes that fixes my problem, thank you. I will make this change wherever I load CMS-Load for this site.

Awesome, we are looking into this issue :muscle: