Setting up basic relume blog component

Hi, I’m trying to sort / filter this blog component by category selected. I’m very confused on whether I need to be using the filter or sort attributes. Relume only included “sort” in the powerups but I don’t see how that’s applicable to this component and I can’t find anything on youtube surprisingly.

When I click option 1, I want only the option 1 category blogs to be visible.

Read only link Webflow - IHPGJ-landing-page

SIDENOTE: It’s very frustrating UX that you don’t have a login option here. Since I’m already a subscriber, I have to go to google and specifically search “finsweet+ login” instead of just clicking a login button which doesn’t make sense. Just an FYI

Hey @jakeschlegel86! Here are the docs to CMS Filter, you could replace the link for Radio buttons that will apply the filter one at a time.

Let me know if you need any help setting it up :slight_smile: