Accessibility Components script issue on safari

Hi. I am using the accordion and the modal java script version for a webflow website. the code is not working on safari though.

Hey @uebersaxsamuel! I just tested on both Chrome and Safari and everything seems to be okay on my end. :thinking:

Could you record a loom on how the scripts are failing on your end?

Hey @Support-Luis, sure thing. here is my loom: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Just realized that while the loom chrome extension is on your scripts do not load as well. without loom recording the scripts do work in Google Chrome. very strange.

@Support-Luis I am getting some strange secondary push errors in the console. maybe this helps. :thinking:

Hey @uebersaxsamuel, I have watched your video and I am also getting those errors even without loom active. However, I am getting intermittent functionality on both browsers… I will share this with the team to see if they spot anything

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@Support-Luis is this related to the new custom element or localization? I am using both on this new site. never had those issues before.

Hey @uebersaxsamuel, it may be related to localization but I am not 100% sure. I have noticed that changing the script tags to defer will load them reliably.

Can you try this while I dig some more?

Hey @Support-Luis, I tried this approach. does not work. the disable scroll has been set to defer on default and does not load either.

I’ve shared this issue with the team, I’ll get back once I know something new!

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@Support-Luis any news? finsweet scripts are still not loading on my website.

@uebersaxsamuel yes, the issue is related to the Webflow localization update. Webflow is aware and their team is working on this. I’ll keep you posted if they release a fix :muscle:

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@Support-Luis Webflow support found a fix. I had a section with the ID: Webflow. this caused the problem. The way Finsweet scripts load this interferes. changing the section ID did solve it.

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Great to hear @uebersaxsamuel!