Accordion arrow interaction issue

Hi! I have an issue with Finsweet Accordion. The arrow (or plus) interaction is not working as it should. When clicking on an other element the previous won’t close and the first item isn’t in close state.

Live link:

Preview link (see FAQ section):[…]o&preview=03640f3bda047619a8385016cf54bb68&workflow=preview

Can someone help us out :slight_smile: ?

Hey @Cut_the_Code! The accordions seems to be working on my end. Did you solve the issue?

Here is a little video showing the functionality.

Hey @Support-Luis thanks for looking in to it! The functionality is not working correctly (also in your video) As you can see, the plus is rotating while clicking on a FAQ item, but the previous FAQ plus is not doing the reverse animation. Also on the first active item, the plus is not in ‘X’ state as it should be.

hey @Cut_the_Code how did you build these accordions? Did you use the accessible components library? I am trying to replicate on a test project to find what’s wrong here