Advanced Review Filtering - CMS Filter

Hi there, we are building a robust filtering review system, and would like to dynamically update ratings when a collection list is filtered. For example if a subset of a product category is selected then the rating updates for the specific vendor based on the subset category selected. I understand this could be a bit advanced as the filtering system would need to first count the number of items, and then get the rating for each subset item to then output a dynamic number based on a rating formula. This might be possible with CMS Filter and some custom code, just wondering the best way to approach this.


Hey @JohnPFM! You can the a look at the CMS Filter API, you can add a ton of functionality to the solution with some custom code.

Here is an example on how to retrieve the number of items per filter category and adding it to the filter elements.

If you need any help feel free to message me with a link and we can work something out :muscle:

Excellent! Thanks @Support-Luis! Let me spend a few minutes with the CMS Filter API, to get a better understanding, and then will reach out if I need assistance. Appreciate it! Thanks for the quick reply also :100:.

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Hi @Support-Luis, I’m trying the chat function here to reach out directly but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Hey @JohnPFM! you seem to have sent me a message, let me open a chat!