Auto Video not working on video gallery [mobile only]

Hi there,

I’ve created a video gallery using background videos which works perfectly fine on desktop, however on mobile after x amount of videos the bg videos stop loading on mobile, only the poster loads. Its hit and miss on which videos load since it’s never the same videos, however it only happens after you scroll down the page multiple times.

I’ve used the Finsweet’ ‘Auto Video’, however this doesn’t seem to fix the issue. Is there any additional steps I can take to force the videos to load?


Share link:

Hey @kristian! Can you share a live link?

Hey Luis,

Sorry I just realised I broke the link somehow.

Here’s the link to the actual live page if that’s what you mean.

Hey @kristian! It is not very clear to me which videos should be playing, could you please record a quick loom on it?

I spotted an error on the console on both desktop and mobile that may be related to the issue we are having.

I’d like you to try removing the autoplay and playsinline attributes from the embed element so that it lines up with what we have on the demo page.

Hey Luis,

I just noticed that the video player was broken! I’ve fixed it so they should appear now.

The issue only occurs on mobile (tested on iOS and Android, same issue). I’ve attached a screen recording of what I mean (further down the page you will see some of the videos not loading). I was hoping the Finsweet Auto Video would force them all to load but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Is there a way to make it happen?

Streamable link:

I’ve just tried this and it made the problem worse. Only the 2 videos at the top of the page which are visible on page load will load and play, the rest won’t load.

As a side note, the images that are showing in place are the embed ‘poster’ attribute, so the embed is loading properly just not the video.

Streamable link (‘playsinline’ and ‘autoplay’ removed):

@Support-Luis as another side note, I’ve currently set the videos on the page to my face which are current place holders while we do some testing for final video production, so please excuse that…

Hey @kristian! No worries!

Sadly I can’t seem to replicate the issue on my end, tried both Chrome and Safari on an iPhone 14, and everything loads and plays as expected.

Have you made any changes during the weekend?

Hey Luis,

That’s interesting…

No changes were made over the weekend. I’ve just checked and the issue is still happening on both android and iOS.

Hey @kristian! I have DMd you on slack with a screen recording of my view. Check it out and let me know…

This is weird indeed.