Back button to source Pagination step

i’m using the Fs pagination attribute, for scrolling a videos collection within the main page. when the client press on a specific video - the current video opens in the collection template page.
inside the the Videos collection template page i’ve inserte a “Back” button - the problem is that the back button sends the user to the videos collection section on the main page - but not the last paginated step.
I want the user to return to recent paginated step inside the collection - prior to pressing the selected video.
would love to get some help with this - Thanks!

the videos collection in the main page:

The Back Button in the Videos collection template page:

The read only link:

Hey @bar.m.hai! One way to do it is by enabling the query params for your list, this will show the page the user currently is on and should be loaded there when pressing the back button from a template page.

If you don’t want the query to show we can go into some custom code to either save the page in a cookie or simply remove the query from the URL

Thank you for the quick reply, worked like magic!

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