Change Finsweet+ account email

Not sure where to put this topic. But who can help me with changing my Finsweet+ account email? I cant change it myself it seems.

(I am leaving the agency “We Made” and starting my own design and webflow agency named Lumeno. This is why I want to change my email fyi :slight_smile: )

Hey @oyvind! Congrats on the change! Can you please message @VictoriaP on Slack so she can help with this?

Hi @oyvind, congratulations!!

Changing the main email is currently unavailable. We are trying to figure out how to provide this option as it has many internal implications. We are currently working on this!

For now, we have a feature called “link accounts” that will let you visually manage all email accounts and auths that can access your Account. Please go to your Account → Linked Identities → Link new account.

This will let you sign in with both email addresses. Another option is for me to help you cancel your current account and we can activate it again under your new email.

Please send me a DM on Slack if you need further help. :slight_smile:

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