Client-First 2.1

Excited to see the new release of CF. It would be really helpful if we had a quick video to show how to implement the new features correctly. In the past the live builds were very helpful in showing how Joe structured the build and especially for those new to CF.

With the release of the new version being able to see how for example point 2 in the intro video (less divs - less nesting) is implemented, even on a simple layout, and how it differs from the old approach, showing the benefits would perhaps help users understand the “why” as well as the “how” of the updates.

Just my thoughts. Thanks again for an awesome product. :+1:

For example in the new cloneable should the padding-section-large now be a combo class within the padding-global div? Just trying to get my head around the best way to structure everything correctly.

Hey @paul!

Good catch with the padding-section-[size] in the style guide. We forgot to update the core structure on this page. It’s updated now.

Yes, we recommend using padding-section-[size] as a utility class in the div with padding-global.

We also plan to release new tutorials explaining the updates and how to use variables soon.

Thanks for your question and feedback :wink:


@evekayser thanks again, appreciate that :slight_smile: will look forward to learning more about all the new updates!