CMS date range filter

Hey there,

Sort of jumping on this thread that was unfortunately finalized through DMs instead of on the official forum

I’m using pikaday.js as a base for my date range pickers and I’ve tried adding finsweet attributes directly to the pikaday fields or mirroring the pikaday fields input to another field and using finsweet on them. I’ve also tried reformatting the date to match the field in my cms.

Sadly it won’t work.

Here’s a read only link to my website. The website is in Bulgarian but I think you should be able to get the gist of it since this is concerning date fields.

And a link to the published page in question.

Hey @boris! I have no idea what could be missing, I see the filters are not activated at all with the API. If you use any other filter field as a checkbox, radio or input, does the list filter accordingly?

Not right now, no. How do I proceed with this? @Support-Luis Is there any other way that I can achieve what I’m looking for?

Did you ever get to resolve the thread that I linked from about 8 months ago?