CMS Filter and CMS Load More Not Working

I’m having some trouble with the CMS Filter and CMS Load that I’m using at the bottom of a blog post template page.

It seems that the scripts are not loading consistently. I would say one out of 3 times, it will not load, and the pagination takes over, and the filters won’t work.

Read-only link >>> Webflow - ZeroBreak Digital

I had this problem with the CMS Slider and just removed it.

Is there a way to ensure that the scripts load consistently or something I’m missing?

hey @brian2! Would you happen to have any custom code that might interfere with the loading of scripts?

Hi @Support-Luis

That is kind of a loaded quesiton haha.

I have some other scripts on the site. HS tracking code, some other custom code to support some design, etc.

Is there a need to organize the code in a sequence to support yours as priority?

Hey @brian2! We can actually delay the Attributes scripts until all your other essential scripts have loaded.

You can do this by changing the scripts tag to defer fs-attributes-preventload='true', and then initializing the attributes with


Hi @Support-Luis

I found the script that was the culprit. I was using this How do you add Classes, IDs, or Attributes to add custom styling to Rich Text elements in Webflow? to create some dynamic looks to some CMS Rich Text.

I eliminated it for now. I tried your Sweet Text but am not having success. I’ll figure out another way to make those sections more dynamic.

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