CMS Filter not detecting input field values added by custom code

Hi team,
I have custom code (see below) that inserts text values into input fields which are used for filtering with CMS Filter with From/To ranges.
Manually entering the text values into the input fields filters fine, however adding the same text values via my code does not filter. Note that a button is used to trigger the filter after the text values are inputted. Any help would be appreciated!


Hey @shane.topping! Normally dispatching a new event once the new values are added to the fields solves this issue. Can you try something like this on both inputs?

input1.dispatchEvent(new Event('input', { bubbles: true }));
input2.dispatchEvent(new Event('input', { bubbles: true }));

If the issue persists feel free to share a link and I’ll jump in and help :muscle: