CMS Filter only working if Range Slider handle is moved

I recently took over a Webflow site for a client, Shopping Centers | Retail Opportunity Investments Corp.. It works pretty well but recently it looks like there are issues with CMS Filter and Range Slider that didn’t exist a few weeks ago.

You select from a drop down and all seems fine with the 1st go. But if you change your selection, you get unpredictable results until finally no selections appear even though the item counter (which is correct) lists the relevant items.

Dragging the range slider handle makes them appear.

I’m 99.9999% confident this was not happening 2 weeks ago.

I’ve attached a screenshot of a bad filter result.

But if you shift the handle on the slider, the results all appear correctly.

Here’s the read-only login:

Does anyone know if the code for Range Slider was revised recently that might have caused this? If it’s just an issue with the site, ANY idea would be so greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much in advance for any help & be well –

Hey @mark3! I noticed you have duplicated scripts and some typos in your page, please ensure you only add the scripts to the page where you will need them to avoid this issue.

You also appear to have some typos on the code, thered arrow is pointing to a duplicated <!–, and when I looked at the page there seems to be two </head> tag

Let me know when you make this changes so I can jump back in if you keep having issues

I’m so sorry, Luis – I didn’t realize that you responded!

I also apologize that I didn’t understand that the code was duplicated. I inherited this site from a firm that was having major issues trying to implement it and am very new to Webflow. Obviously they had no idea.

When I took it over, I thought I had it done perfectly. Then a few weeks ago, these issues started up. No idea how.

I commented out the duplicate code on the page (left the main site head info in tact) but there’s still an issue with the visibility needing to be reset on the items that should be active when switching selections on the dropdowns – for example, go to Metro Area > Anaheim and you see the items, but switch it to the next one down (LA) and it shows that there should be 13 items, but they only appear if you tweak the slider (which I assume resets the visibility)

The Reset also won’t reset the slider.

To be honest, I didn’t think you really existed, assumed I was stuck and needed a fix in my back pocket in case the client came back upset, so …

I figured that maybe that problem is that they’re filtering this info upside down? The Properties database pulls in entries from the Spaces database. Maybe what they’re doing is beyond the scope of your plugins? I think they need to start with Spaces database. Each space can only link to one Property, rather than what they’re trying to do – filter the Properties based on the types of Spaces they contain. I made a page that accomplishes this and the filters all work great ==>

The only problem here is that the available unit counter is wrong. But aside from that, it’s awesome.

So I suggested to them that maybe they change the home page so there are links to 2 pages – one for Properties, the other for Available Spaces within those properties. I don’t think they’re excited about this idea though because this page did seem to work before a few weeks ago. No idea why it stopped.

Any help is super appreciated! I have 3 other sites to develop in the next few months and have to decide between WordPress and Webflow. I’d like to understand it all better. I’ve done the tutorials but issues like this counter being off makes is a little unpredictable.

THANKS SO MUCH in advance!

Hey @mark3! No worries!

I have taken a look at your test page and we seem to have the same issues of repeated Attributes code. Can you please try removing the duplicates and testing once more?

You can also share a read-only link so I can take a closer look at the setup on both pages.

And is needed, we can schedule a call where I can clear any questions or doubts you have regarding the setup of a complex filtering system :slight_smile:

Hey, Luis! Sorry again - I have to figure out what to set so I get a notification when you respond. I keep leaving you hanging.

Yes - I totally forgot that I copied the test page from the Properties page, and with it came the duped scripts. I pulled them out and the count is now perfect – thanks so much! This page seems to work great.

Here’s the share link:

I’d love your opinion on the Properties page. The page is supposed to open with the search results from the home page, but it wasn’t working for them when I inherited the site. I believed it was because the fields they were searching for are actually nested – they’re in the Spaces db, not the Properties db. I pulled in the fields needed into a div that sits hidden behind the each of the search results. This worked. But I still have the issue of the disappearing search results when changing selections on the Metro Area dropdown.

If you have time for a call sometime, that’d be great. I apologize for my stupidity with this in advance!

I added the items-count field into my test page now that it’s fixed - thanks again! No idea if the client will let me finish developing this search concept, but it works really well.

Luis - thank you and I’m done! Once I realized that the people who put the site together had no idea what they were doing since they had the scripts duplicated everywhere, I assumed everything they did was probably wrong. Since I figured out the filtering on my test page, I used the same principles on the page with the errors – I pulled in the field that was used for the Range Slider behind the visible content and linked the slider to it. And I killed a custom script they created for the slider that was messing with the visibility. Works great. Thanks again for your trouble!

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I should also stress for anyone reading this string that any problem with the filter was caused 100% by a custom script. The Finsweet plugins work amazingly when implemented correctly.

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Hey @mark3! Thanks for getting back to me and I’m so sorry for the delayed response. I had some other requests to attend to and I’m just now seeing your answer!

Let me know if you need any more help! :muscle:

Thanks but I hope not. :slightly_smiling_face: All good - be well!

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