CMS Load hides all interactions

Hi! I’m using CMS Load on my site. When I click the Load More button, all elements on my page that have interactions disappear. These are “Scroll Into View” animations.

A couple of screenshots:

This is the page header with scroll animations before clicking the Load More button.

This is the page header after clicking the button.

Here’s my [Read Only]. Appreciate any help!
(Webflow - Ascendient)

Following up on this, it may not be Load that is the problem. The same issue occurs if I interact with the Filters on this page.

Hey @madewithrelish! I do not see the Attributes setup on either page, but this issue is caused by Webflow’s interaction engine being reset on each item render.

If you used the fs-cmsload-resetix = true with interactions that have an initial state these will be reset to their initial states and won’t be triggered, appearing stuck or hidden.

To avoid this issue please avoid using the initial state option on the interactions panel and instead simulate this with the effects section on the styling panel :slight_smile: