CMS Load - Interactions and attributes stops working after 100 entries

I’m using CMS load, but it seems to break Webflows native interactions after the 100th item.

I’m also using Tippy.js for tooltips, which also seems to break after the 100th item.

I have recorded a 44s video for context, and any assistance is much appreciated. :fist: 2023-07-04_15-51-43.mp4

Sharable link:

Live link:
Password: launchr213

Hello @dam.kasper87, you need to reset interactions using the reset interaction option for the items after 100 to work as expected when using webflow interaction

For the 3rd party library (tippy.js) I’m not sure they provide a way to retrigger their library after the initial page reload. There may be a limitation to this

This worked great,
There was a solution to the load on the JS library for tippy.js as well. :heart: