CMS Nest + Accordion

Hi all,

I’m struggling with combining CMS Nest & Accordion.

The accordion feature works great alone, but when I added CMS Nest to it, the accordion stopped working (on click, a trigger doesn’t expand/collapse a drawer, and the initial index seems to not work any longer).

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Hey @filip.radkiewicz! CMS Nest is not intended to be used on template pages. Have you tested the nesting functionality without the accordion? If the behavior is what you expect we can delay the accordion script and initialize it when CMS Nest has finished nesting items.

To do this you can use the prevent-load defer fs-attributes-preventload='true' setting for the accordion script and using this callback initializes the accordion script.

      window.fsAttributes = window.fsAttributes || [];
      (listInstances) => {

Hey @Support-Luis

should I add "fs-attributes-preventload=‘true’ after “defer” in the accordion’s script in the head or inside attributes?

The callback inside the head?

@filip.radkiewicz yes, add fs-attributes-preventload = true after the defer tag in the head script.

The callback should be before the </body> tag

Had the same issue trying to nest an accordion component (JS). This script solved it. :+1:

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+1 same issue, thanks @Support-Luis

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