CMS Search Filter on longer string

Hi there!

I have set up CMS Filter on this page:

With this search filter you can search for author names, themes and books. It works fine, but there is one mayor issue however I am trying to wrap my head around.

Many authors have middle names and searching for such an author can be really bad UX if you do not know their middle-name. Let me share one example with the author “Elin Folgerø Styve”.

She is listed in the list when I search for

  • Elin
  • Styve
  • Folgerø
  • Elin Folgerø Styve

But she is not shown if I search for “Elin Styve” which would be how most users would search for her name as her middle name is not well known.

The filtering should be set to show “any”. But I am guessing that this does not work properly because of her full name is set in one field? The search would work properly if we set one field for “firstname”, one field for “middlename” and one field for “lastname”?

Read-only link:

Best regards
Øyvind Hermans

Hey @oyvind! I am afraid at the moment CMS Filter requires an exact match from the filters to the elements in the cards to return a result. What you are suggesting, dividing the name into three fields might work.

You can use the * Identifier for your input field to target all search fields in your CMS card.

Hi Luis! Thanks for the reply! The input field is already set to target all search fields. I guess trying out the three fields theory might be worth a shot then :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes!