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I hope you’re all doing well. Is it possible to have a select field that is populated using FinSweet’s CMS select feature, and that also includes CMS Sort functionality?

My client has a team list. When the user selects “All Departments,” they would like the list to be sorted by the CMS item field “Overall Order.” However, when any other department is selected, they would like the list to be sorted by the CMS item field “Department Order.”

I hope that makes sense.

Here is the live link:

Hey @Marko! This can be done with CMS Sort + custom form select!

You’ll need to add the sort field to the Select field choices with the identifier as the value like the image below

Screen Shot 2023-09-04 at 10.58.40

Thanks @Support-Luis, Thank you for the quick reply! I’m using CMS Select (CMS Select - Webflow CMS dynamic Form Select) to populate the custom form select, which means the values are populated via the collection.

I can set the value for ‘All Departments,’ as this is a static populated item, as per your screenshot above. What’s the best way to populate the values for the CMS-populated items?

@marko I think I misunderstood your original request, the items will be sorted by their department after filtering?

If so we can not have this approach but a hidden sort button set to the department that is clicked after each filtering might be the way to go.

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@Support-Luis Perfect, that worked! Thanks a bunch!

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Great to hear! :muscle: