Collections + Static Pages

Hey team, I’m wondering if anyone has implemented a solution that allows you to display static pages (not collection pages) in a search. Essentially you’re replicating an entire site search but have the ability to filter, sort and search in an instant way that Finsweet’s search functionality provides. The only way I’ve really though of so far is to set up a collection for ‘search’ where the content editors would add collection items that would essentially act as proxies for the static pages. They would have a link that takes them to the actually page. But I was hoping there was a more programmatic solution out there.

Hey @Shane1! I’m afraid we have no solution yet. Have you seen Webflow’s native “Site search”?

Ya, it’s just lacking quite a bit in regards to filtering and instant-search. Aka, it doesn’t do that :sweat_smile: thanks for the response though! It just confirms the route I’ll need to take which is basically having a Search Index collection that manages any static pages meta data.

Let me know if you need any help setting it up!