Create a link on home page to a filtered search results

I have a button in the home page with a dynamic link to the “market” on the Project page that has a filter “Market”.

I found this article:

But it seems overly complicated for a simple re-direct.

Here’s the share: Webflow - Development Facilitators Incorporated

hey @mburlinson! If this filter will always be the same you can enable the fs-cmsfilter-showquery setting, perform a search on your target page, copy the url, and set this url to the button on your project page.

CMS Filter will load the list with the filters from the query applied to it

Need a little more info here. How do I instigate the showquery setting? I’m drawing a blank…

We have this option for CMS Filter that enables the Query Params. you can perform a search on the page and copy the url like this →

You can paste this url to the button on the homepage to redirect users to the desired page with the list filtered.

OK. Got it setup and it works for one collection but not the other?

The query works for Market but not for Service? The results for a Service redirect looks like this: It returns all values?

interesting, I have not seen this behavior before.

I see the layout is different on your read-only. Does this layout work as expected?

No. It’s throwing all of the filters instead of just the one in the copied URL: Projects

It should just show the Civil Engineering filter.

@mburlinson! I see you have added the query params script and attributes to the page, this is causing all the checkboxes to be added to the filters.

This script is not needed as CMS Filter can handle the query params natively. you can test by removing the script from the page, publishing and visiting the Projects page link

Brilliant. Thank you!

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