Custom Slider Dots Navigation – Last Item in Nav Not Working

I’ve implemented the Finsweet Custom Slider Dots into a website.

I’ve used it three times – on three different pages. –

It’s working great on two out of the three pages, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why the third one isn’t appearing properly.

I would note - that this is not happening on all browsers, just my clients (doh!) and they have confirmed they are using the latest version of Chrome.

These are the pages the custom slider dots nav is working great:
Page 1: Senior Pathways (scroll down to see it)
Page 2: Course Builder

This is the page it isn’t viewing correctly:
Page 3: Learning Domains

Below is a screenshot of what my client is seeing. Basically, the visual arts tab (the last tab) isn’t being placed into the nav bar like the rest.

In their words; “visual arts still does not appear until I click on technologies. Then, technologies takes me straight to performing arts so I cannot access technologies.”

I’ve spent days trying to get this to work. Any ideas on how to fix it would be truly appreciated.

Here’s the read-only Webflow link.

Hey @livstrawbridge! I am afraid I can not replicate the issue on my end as I see the Custom Dots working as expected.

Could your client have any browser setting turned on that is causing this issue? Have they tested in an incognito window?

@Support-Luis yeh it’s really hard when you can’t see what they are seeing! They have said that this issue is on multiple computers/browsers at their school, which I would assume would have different browser settings?

In theory yes, the settings would be different for each user/browser. Is this only happening while the computers are connected to the school’s network?

@Support-Luis I have asked them, just waiting for a reply. If this is the case - what would the options be?

@livstrawbridge they should check if there is anything on their network settings that might prevent scripts from loading as they should, not much we can do on our end if the client has something blocking the scripts though.

This is my main guess as we, not connected to their network, have the solution behaving as expected.

@Support-Luis Ahh I see. I guess I thought it could be something to do with how it was set up in Webflow, because it works for the other two sliders which are exactly the same.

@Support-Luis I just did a test on, Windows 11 / Chrome V114 and I can see the error they are seeing now.

I have confirmed with the client that they are still seeing the error when not hooked into the school and in incognito mode. So I think it might be a Windows specific error perhaps.

I have ended up fixing this by removing the Finsweet attribute code, and using an older Finsweet solution from ages ago :).

@livstrawbridge! That is great to hear! I am glad you found a solution and it is working as expected :muscle: