Filter, Nest & Combine - Anyway to make this work

I’m trying to create a complex filter that filters multiple collections at once, that each have 5+ categories. Ideally I would want to use nest and combine and make it filter like one big list, but this doesn’t work at the moment.

Does anyone know of any workarounds that could be used to accomplish this?

hey @bradfordjhuber! We can now do this by preventing the load of CMS Combine until after CMS Nest is done. You’ll need to use this CMS Combine script with the preventload attribute.

    <!-- [Attributes by Finsweet] CMS Combine -->
    <script defer fs-attributes-preventload="true" src=""></script>

Then on your </body> you’ll need to add this CMS Nest callback that initiates CMS Combine.

      window.fsAttributes = window.fsAttributes || [];
        (listInstances) => {
          console.log('cmsnest Successfully loaded!');
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Will test this out! thank you :pray:

Curious to know if you had success with this! Where I’m struggling is to get the nest-source data to map to multiple nest-targets spread among different lists, if that makes sense? The first collection list nests the items perfectly but then the second and third list that are set to be combined after the nested values have been added don’t receive the nested elements.