Filter not working after UI updates


i find myself with filters not working anymore (combine, infinite scroll etc still works)

if i run the automatic support it tells me that the collection list was not found in the page (but it’s there)

could you please check and tell me what am i doing wrong?

(the filter is under the magnify icon


here we have 2 cmsfilter and none of them work, the beers page was not changed at all so i’m pretty confused

thanks a lot for your support

hey @gianluca! Is there any reason why the scrip has the defer fs-attributes-preventload="true" sitting applied to it? I see no initialization line in any of the pages you shared above.

The collection is not found in the first list as you have set it up as a second instance and you are checking the first instance with the Support tool, If you add an instance and check it the error should disappear.

yeah i must have removed my initialization code by error, thanks a lot.

Only thing, not related with the tool, if i search this forum by user (my user) i find 0 under “topics created”, not a big deal but i’m struggling to find a way to get to my topics without scrolling through the forum.

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Thanks for bringing this up, I’ll forward it to the team :muscle:

Hey Luis, for some reason the CMS filter isn’t working on this page, the reset buttons work fine, but the search doesn’t bring any item from the list, we’ve checked the setup a few times and tested different elements but it isn’t working, the console doesn’t bring any errors either.

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Hey @info6! You are using a type="submit" button as a reset button, this prevents the search from being performed as you are basically clearing the form as you search. Please replace the reset button with a regular button and test again. :slight_smile: