Finsweet Filter - Changes accordion to height:0

For some reason, on mobile only, when I click a checkbox to filter a CMS list, the accordion that the checkbox list is in goes to height:0, but doesn’t seem to be the actual “close accordion” interaction, as the arrow hasn’t returned to it’s original position.

Due to client confidentiality, I cannot share a readonly link publicly.
EDIT: I received permission to share a “stripped down” version.

Oddly enough, when I limit the collection to show 13 or less, there’s no issue. Once I go to 14 or more (or all), then it does the weird close-accordion-when-filter thing.

Here’s a readonly link: Webflow - Copy of KSL

Here’s a Loom video to demonstrate the issue on mobile: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Hey @_theclevernod! You are using fs-cmsload-resetix="true" for your list. Remember this affects ALL interactions on your page and the dropdown element has an initial state to which it is being reset as items are rendered after filtering.