Finsweet product attributes are not working. Why are all the scripts not functioning?

Many of my websites that use Finsweet attributes are unable to run any scripts. I’m not sure what happened. I tried to check the scripts from every part of the main website at CMS Filter for Webflow - No-code using Attributes and it appears that the ‘Copy the Solution’ script and paste it into the of your page. The script code is missing.

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Hey, same here. Client websites not working. When could we expect a fix? @communications @Support-Luis

Same here. Client websites not working. Also unable to see any scripts on the Attributes page.

Is there a status page for Attributes? I’m building for a deadline today. :pray:

Hey @here! I believe there was an issue with the CDN. All your sites should be back up and running.

Please let me know if you face any more issues!