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Hello there,

This is the page that I’ve built from a Webflow Cloneable and here is the read-only.

The client currently has ±150 CMS items and will have around ±350 at the end.

For this to properly work it needs to show all CMS items at once. I tried using the attribute ‘Render All’ but then the layout gets messed up.

Currently, I am only using native webflow Pagination just so you can see that there are more items.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,


hey @hey! What do you I’m afraid I do not see the issue clearly. Can you maybe record a loom showing what is going wrong?

Sorry Luis, totally forgout about this topic since I solved it partially but new issue came a long and here is the loom video explaining.

All links above are still working so you can check it out.

@hey, I noticed you’ve added the CMS Load script twice, this might introduce some issues. Please check your site setting for any duplicate script.

Also you can use the CMS Load API callback to add custom code that will be executed after all items are rendered, here is the callback for you to add your code instead oof using a timeout

  window.fsAttributes = window.fsAttributes || [];
    (listInstances) => {
      console.log('cmsload Successfully loaded!');

      const [listInstance] = listInstances;

      listInstance.on('renderitems', (renderedItems) => {
        // Custom code goes here

Works! Appreciate it :slight_smile:

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