Form submit reset not working on Custom checkboxes

When I use the Form Submit attribute (Form Submit - No-code using Attributes) and I set fs-formsubmit-reset=“true”, it works for all fields except Custom checkboxes. I reverted to Default checkboxes and confirm it works for those, but my Custom checkboxes remain checked despite resetting all fields on submit.

Is this a bug?

hey @_theclevernod! Could you share a link to this issue? I can open a bug report if it is indeed a bug :slight_smile:

Thanks @Support-Luis. I can’t send the exact site but here’s a blank site with a form and the issue persists:
Webflow - Test Checkbox

Oops, and here’s the link to the published version:

I’ve opened a bug report on this, I’ll let you know when the issue is solved

Thank you!!!

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@support-luis, I wanted to follow up on this. :slight_smile:

Hey @_theclevernod! I have opened a bug report, but I do not have an ETA for the fix.

Thank you @Support-Luis! It’s for a client project and I’m hoping this will not delay launch.

@Support-Luis, I just saw that the same issue is happening with Finsweet Custom Select fields as well. See the demo: - On submit, the form resets all default fields but not the custom fields.

Thanks for noting this, I’ll add it to the report