FS Attributes Custom Slider Dots + CMS Slider Issues

I implemented [this combo] in my Webflow project but I am running into the following issues:(CMS Slider + Custom Slider Dots | Attributes)

  1. For some reason, the heading above the slider flashes then disappears on page load. I originally had this nested in the slider section. I tried moving to a different layer, but this is not fixing it.

  2. CMS custom dots (testimonial logos) are creating overflow as they are larger than the dvw. I set the whole section to hide overflow and I set the fs_sliderdots_nav class to scroll overflow, but that is not working. I need the user to be able to scroll through the testimonial logos.

  3. I am trying to reduce the space between the testimonials and logos by reducing the min height on the fs_cmsslider_slide class but that doesn’t seem to be reducing the space on the staging site.

Any ideas on these three issues?


Hey @accounting, have you modified anything since posting this? I can only see the third bullet as an active issue

@Support-Luis Nope, and I am still seeing all the issues. Here is a video showing all 3 issues and a new read-only link. Any ideas?


Hey @accounting! On which browser are you testing?

This is my view → Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

@Support-Luis I am using Chrome, and my client has also reported not seeing the Heading and having the logos get cut off when they shrink the browser.

Hey @accounting, are you up to date on both browsers? I can not seem to replicate the issue, not even on incognito