Interacting with the filter from outside the form block

Hi everyone,

I am working on a filter system, with CMS Filter.
You can access it on this URL, section “All resources”:

When you click on the “Filter” button, the filter panel opens on the right, so far so good.

My question is: is it possible to achieve this type of behavior as in the following screenshot?

More precisely: add a “Clear” button outside the Form block?
For the number of checked checkboxes, this should be possible with a little custom code to detect the number of checked checkboxes I guess, but what about having a “Clear” button outside the form? I already tried mirroring the button, without success.

Thanks for your help and time!

Hey @hello14! The URL you shared seems to be broken. Have you solved this issue?

Hi @Support-Luis, sorry for the broken URL, here it is. And the read-only link.

Unfortunately, I didn’t fix the issue yet.

Thank you!

So first thing, I see you have a piece of custom code that is preventing the filters from being applied correctly. Edits to this are mentioned in the screenshot below.

For the fs-cmsfilter-element=clear-2 to work outside the filters pop-up we will need to make some changes as this element needs to be inside the fs-cmsfilter-element=filters-2 to work properly. Or you can leave it as is by triggering it’s click on an element outside the form.

This should be all the changes needed to achieve the functionality, however let me know if you face any more issues :slight_smile: