Issue on some browsers using attributes, load, range and date range

I have built a filter in WebFlow using attributes, load, range and date range. But the date range is not working for ‘this day’ or ‘this week’, on some browsers it does indeed seem to work, but on Mac particularly for me no browser for the ‘this day’ or this week works, although on some other computers it works on some browsers and not others. We tried disabling caching etc but no luck there either.

Password: dy6%E964@z8Tf

Some more info from a friend testing:

Never mind, tested it on my Mac in Chrome and it works, do you know if you have an updated Mac OS? I believe mine is out of date, same for the Chrome version, which is 121.0.6167.160

My Mac is Sonoma 14.2.1

Oh I fixed it in Edge, I changed my display language from Spanish to US English and it worked, could you try changing your browser display language to US English (I think yours is probably AU English), it might have to do with Locales

Yes it breaks in Spanish or Spanish (Spain), it works if I set it to English or (US) English

Hell yeah, broke it in Firefox as well in Win11, changed display language to Spanish and it broke, I think I have something

My friend, broke it in Chrome with English (AU), it has to be either Locale or Intl, tell your engineer to replicate the issue by changing the browser display language to English (AU) or Spanish.

Unfortunately I can’t test the theory in my Mac because the Org that is the owner has blocked me from changing the configs…

Thank you for the update @joshrichardson1234! I will open a bug report so we can fix this in the new Filter.

My guess is that the date format is what is causing issues on the filtering, and I noticed you already have a code to handle the selection of the days from the dropdown.

You could add a date formatted to ensure the date is always in MM/DD/YYYY format while we release the new version.

Hey thanks for the feedback, we changed to that but still no luck, it seems to be mostly on Macs the issue. Do you know roughly how long the fixes take and or if you have any other temporary solutions for us?

We are working hard to release Filter V2 but I am afraid I do not have an exact date yet.

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