Issues CMS dynamic Form Select on mobile

Hi, I have a problem with the CSM select option.
On mobile I do not see any of the options that come out of the CMS, on desktop it works fine.

Any idea what is going wrong here?

Thank you!

Hey @marcel! Could you screen-record the issue for me? I can’t seem to replicate on my end :thinking:

Thank you for looking into this.
The select fields do not show any of the CMS items.

Interesting, if I test it on my end with dev tools, the select works great but not when I try on mobile.

Can you share a read-only? I’ll see how to debug this in the meantime

Thank you, Luis.

Here is the read-only

Hey @marcel! I’ve request help from the dev team as I can not find any issue. I’ll get back to you as soon as I hear anything!

@marcel This seems to be a device-specific issue, only present for iOS. A bug ticket is open, and we will tackle it as soon as possible!

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I managed to find what caused it, I had put the collections I use for all the finsweet solutions in a div with a height of 1px and overflow none. I do this to avoid a layout shift while page load takes place. This seems to effect the select field for some weird reason.

It’s awesome to hear you found a fix for now!

Nevertheless, we will keep searching for the bug that may cause this issue!

Thank you for letting me know!