Link block not working using "Edit Link Blocks in Editor" atrribute

Only text link works

Hey @Taabish! I believe that is the intended behavior, Text links behave as text blocks in the editor view. However, let me double-check with the team on this

Hey @Support-Luis, I’m actually having a problem with the “Edit Link Blocks in Editor” attribute too. I am using a div which is supposed to be the “button”. This contains an icon as embed and a text link element. Unfortunately, the onClick event still only works for the text link. If I remove the embed icon, it works again. However, the div box must contain the icon as an embed. Is there a workaround?

Hey @juicydisorder! is this happening when the site is live? Or only in the editor view? Could you please share a link?

@Support-Luis The problem currently occurs both on the staging domain and in the editor view. I’ll send you the link in the private chat.