Looking for a recipe to follow to develop a newsletter

**Here’s my predicament. **
****I’d like to make a newsletter with 3 subscription levels. ****

  1. Subscriber (free)
  2. Contributing Subscriber (pays - gets a public profile page)
  3. Pro Subscriber (pays - gets a public profile page with backlinks, and can add content that will be used to fuel the paper/site)

Obviously I’ll make this site in Webflow. I’ve found Outseta and I think this will be a good match to handle the memberships side.

Now, my biggest dilemma at this point and that I could use some direction or help with is:

With both paid plans that offer profile pages, I’ll have input forms to gather their data.

  1. How can I get the input data directly into the CMS, I assume some JS to handle that? I’m thinking I might ask an AI to help with that. Suggestions?
  2. Next issue. After they input data, how can I set it up so they will be able to make real time edits to their data (changes to profile, new links, etc)?

I totally look forward to any help I can het here. Thank you so much in advance!

Joe B.