Modal adds top-margin to the body

Hi there,
I´m using Modal Attribute for a Popup-Modal. The main function is working.

The problem is that top-margin is added to the body when the modal is opened and removed when the modal is closed. This causes the viewport to jump and creates an unpleasant user experience.

See behavior in this video or try it yourself on this page, by clicking on the huge image.


Hey @Nils_dasda! Which version of Modal are you using? IX or JS? removing the Attributes script on your page seemed to do the trick for me.

Here is a Loom

Hey @Support-Luis ! Thank you for the reply. That solved the problem. I use the IX2 version. I thought we need the Attributes Script for the Modal too. I now pasted the a11y Script in and it runs.

We’ll look into improving the docs for these kind of solutions :slight_smile: