Multiple Combobox Elements on Page

Hey! I’m wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a supported way to add multiple combobox elements to a certain page. They actually work fine, but the reset button has issues (only the first on to load in the DOM actually works as a reset button).

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

hey @joshua! I am afraid there is no native support for multiple comboboxes, all Attributes that support this have the same structure as the one mentioned below.

I am dealing with the same multiple combobox issue.
I have updated all of elements using the “-2” “-3” approach, but still every instance after the first one has the clear icon showing by default.

Here are the elements I am using the “-x” approach on:
fs-combobox-element ="dropdown-2

Am I missing something?

Hey @peacock! Can you please share a link?

@Support-Luis I sent a link to you directly. Thanks

@peacock I’ve also replied to you earlier. Let me know if you can see the reply.

Hey @peacock! Could you please replace the existing script on your page with this one?

<!-- Test Script for Combobox multiple instances -->
<script defer src=""></script>

Let me know how it goes! :muscle: