Nesting a filtered collection

I’ve got an issue where we need to filter a nested collection. We can nest the collection of items inside the primary collection. However, we want the nested items to be filtered ( limited ) to only the items that related to the primary collection we are nesting into.

( Primary Collection )
-------> Nested Collection ( limited to Primary relation )


@mburlinson if you filter the collection with Webflow’s native filtering, the list should only nest what you want. You can always record a loom to explain better the functionality so I can troubleshoot it if needed :slight_smile:

@mburlinson I am afraid I don’t quite get it.

CMS Nest will only nest the items related to each item natively, there is no need to pre-filter the collection with any code.

Are you getting all CMS items nested to your elements? If so, you might have an issue with your template page, please check that you are adding the reference collection field to the template page and not the collection itself. Only the items related to the current item should be visible in the template.