Reset Search Input

We have a filter. It has a category filter and a search filter. What we want to do is when you click the close icon it will only clear the search filter. Not the category filter too. We tried to use JS to clear the input value but it does not clear the filter for the search input.

Hey @moshfequr9! You can select which filters to clear with the fs-cmsfilter-clear = IDENTIFIER option shown below.

@Support-Luis but what is the identifier name? fs-cmsfilter-clear=Search ? Or anything else?

@moshfequr9 yes! The identifier should be the same identifier of the field you’d like to clear.

If the input field has the fs-cmsfilter-field = * your clear attribute should look like this fs-cmsfilter-clear = *

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I have tried that. But not working. You can check the link here Get fuel for your Creative Journey | Crowdfundly Blog

Hey @moshfequr9 I am afraid I do not see the search-clear element. Have you removed it recently? let me know if you add it once more to debug.