Search Results Strictness

Is there a way to adjust the strictness of search results so it shows similar results to what the user has typed not just the exact input?

Also, is there a way for two fields to stack in the search results? Ex. The user types in “Eye Cream Jones Road”. In the site I’m building those two fields show results in isolation but not when typed together.

For context here’s the site I’m working on

Thanks in advance!

Hey @hello15! At the moment we do not support fuzzy search this will be improved in CMS Filter V2.

If you want your input field to search multiple filter fields you can add a list of categories as the IDENTIFIER for the Attribute value. Something like fs-cmsfilter-field= cat1,cat2,cat3 or you can use * to select all identifiers on your list.

Thanks for the quick reply! Is there an ETA when V2 will be shipped?

No ETA at the moment I am afraid