Show Count showing less or more than actual count

I’m trying to improve my performance on this page, Product Finder | Graver Technologies, and I think I’ve done all I know using ‘boost’. I have 320 items to display and filter, and it seems it’s loading in slowly, so ‘Show Count’ is almost always incorrect. Sometimes, it stops at 200+, 400+, 600+.

The first issue I had was items not being rendered or never loading. That’s why I have 34 pages per list now, and I hope that ‘boost’ can resolve that. It seemed to work. Now, I want to learn how to make the count faster and more reliable.

Does anyone happen to notice something I could have done better here?

Hey @kevinjacobs! I’m afraid I can not replicate this issue, every time I refresh the page I get the 320 item count.

Have you modified anything since your post?