Slider - 2 Weeks Still Nobody Has Solved It

Please help. I have been trying to figure out why this CMS slider is breaking for the past 2 weeks and have had zero luck.

Lot’s of people have tried to help and said that their way will fix it but it didn’t. Please help. I have a hard deadline that I am running up against and have now gone 2 weeks without help. I’ve tried DMs, tweets, a post on this forum, nothing. Nobody has been able to solve it. Just need someone that knows what they are talking about to take a look if you have time.

Thank you in advance.

Hey @hoovercollective, I tried your site on both Chrome and Safari and it worked, I didn’t experience the content overflowing out of the grid

try clearing the cache in your computer and see if that fixes it on your end. I hope this helps.

@pablo It’s actually not fixed in what you’re looking at… Look on mobile. Still the same issue.

Solved it by changing the grid to flexbox. Seems like a bad webflow bug. Hopefully they fix it. Thanks to everyone who tried to help! Means a lot :slight_smile: