Slider cards not all the same height

I have flexbox set on the CMS items. Attributes slider is good to go and in the designer you can see that everything is the same height. Why then on the published website are all the slider cards not the same height?

Hey @chrsdesigns! Everything looks good no my end, did you find the issue?

Hey Luis thank you for the quick response! What break point screen size are you are?

I am on a 13" screen so 1440px. When are you experiencing this? Which browser are you using?

Hey got a similar issue. did you find any solution to it?link

Hey @saurabh I see you have used Swiper along with CMS Slider, if you remove either library does the issue still persist?

CMS Slider will preserve the native slide style and if this is set for the contents to be the same size then there should be no issue. But I’ve never seen both libraries used at the same time until now

hey removed swiper but it’s still same

Hey @smayekar256 can you share a read-only link? I’ll take a look

Hey @Support-Luis , I’m having the same issue even though I set the height of everything inside the slider to 100% (even tried adding !important in the Inspect pannel on the Slide element).

It seems that since the Mask is set to block automatically by Webflow, it can’t be set to stretch and somehow doesn’t consider the 100% height of the slide.

Here’s the page: HVAC Experts in Ottawa | Installation, Repairs & more

Hoping we can find a solution to this as it would make the design so much cleaner! Thanks!

Hi @chrsdesigns I would like to check the published URL if possible,
this URL you shared is not working. Could you publish again for us please?

Hi all I am having the same issue. I have tried jQuery to fix this and still can’t get the desired result. All I want is the cards to all be the same height regardless of content. This seems like a native finsweet issue. Is there anything I add to resolve this please?