Social Share OpenGraph Image bug


Something weird happening with Social Share here, for some reason, for some blog articles, no issues, but for others, the openGraph image for LinkedIn is not the good one

Here is a live exemple → Passer en mode “Créateur” sur LinkedIn | Leadix

For facebook the image is the good one, but for LinkedIn, I don’t know why, it’s the author image …

hey @terence! Can you share a read-only link?

Hey @Support-Luis, yes sure →

Hi @Support-Luis, do you have some news for me? :slight_smile:

Hey @terence! I’m afraid this might be a bug. I’ll open a bug report/feature request as there are currently no setup options to edit the LinkedIn share option.

Ok great, thank you @Support-Luis, I’ll wait for your answer then

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Hey @Support-Luis, do you have ant news regarding the bug report? :slight_smile:

Hey @terence! I’m afraid there is no update for now. The ticket is still open

hey @terence! We’ve been debugging this and we want you to try something.

Can you use this site Post Inspector and paste your blog url for pages facing issues so the LinkedIn cache is cleared? We think this might help with the issue

Hey @Support-Luis, thanks for the update! It worked perfectly the day you answered us.

But now it seems we have an other issue, when we try to share the page, we have this popup from linkedin… Is it a new bug on your end?
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