Strange Behaviour with Pagination

We recently switched to pagination from load under and have encountered an issue where it loads all data on the front end behind the scenes whilst the page is loaded for the user. This causes our pagination numbers to jump all over the place (seems like it takes a long time to load all the content). Any ideas on how to fix?

template-loading (1)

hey @isaac! Can you share your links?

@isaac, can you share a read-only as well?

@isaac the issue might be with CMS Nest instead of CMS Load, Nest option #1 requires data to be fetched from each collection item’s template page. You could set up for option #2 however this would require you to modify your collection list to add some new fields for the setup.

CMS Load will also cache all items to the Local Storage for when the users return to the page. You could add the loader option to hide the page number count jumping while the list first loads/when a user returns to the page.