Tag-template not populating with nested checkboxes


i tried searching the forum but was unable to find a similar problem.


i have a filter under the accordion “famiglia”, both main checkboxes and child checkboxes work great as filters but only the main one appears in the tag-template when checked.



when i use the query params the filtering works, the checkboxes are “pre-checked” but adding other main filters apply them 2 times to the tag-template.
in this case the “child” filter appears correctly.

i suppose this have somethign to do with the multiple instances of attributes but i’m not finding out the problem.

here you can find a screencast of the behaviour

thank you as always

hey @gianluca! Can you please add fs-attributes-preventload="true" to the CMS Filter script?

This will wait for CMS Nest to finish nesting the subcategories before loading the script, therefore the tags will work as expected.

Also, let me know if this fixes your second issue! :muscle:

Hi Luis, it seems to have fixed both problems, thank you very much!

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