Trying to use a text input field as a maximum range amount for filters but it is not working

Hey there,

I’m trying to use a text input field to filter a maximum price range instead of using the range slider element.
I have a list of artworks that each have a price and I want to be able to use a text field to allow users to filter out items based on a maximum price that they can afford.

The reason I’m not wanting to use the range slider is that the price range for each artist is going to vary a lot and so I don’t want to have set maximum values within that slider.

I’ve setup a text input field with type number, the correct identifier, and an attribute of fs-cmsfilter-range="to" but rather than working as a range the filter is looking for that specific text string eg: if I set the max price to 200 it is showing results with 20 and 2,000 instead of anything under 200.

Any help would be appreciated
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Hey @caleb.raney! You’ll need a field to set the fs-cmsfilter-range="from" this field can be hidden as long as the value is always set to 0.

Another approach would be to dynamically set the maximum price for a range slider, I’ve done this before so I can help you with the code if you decide to go this way.

Hey @Support-Luis I tried to get that to work by adding an embed number input with a value of 0 and those attributes but it still wasn’t working

<input type="number" name="Price Minimum" value="0" fs-cmsfilter-field="price" fs-cmsfilter-range="from"/>

@caleb.raney I’m not sure what might be happening. If you add a reangeslider, does the filtering work as expected?