Two CMS Slider on Same Page Issue

This is my first post on the forum.
I have implemented two Finsweets CMS Slider on the same page, which are placed in Tabs (tab 1 and 2). The slider works using one slider, but not two - with two sliders the sliders wont load.

I have followed , additionally replaced the ‘list’ and ‘slider’ values on the second slider, but still, there seems to be a conflict.

Do I need to do something additionally to have two sliders working on the same page?

Another thing is that sometimes I need to reload the page to have the gallery load on the page where the slider works.

Read only:

Staging site:


Hey @info16! You do not need anything extra other than the -x identifier for the slier and list element.

I see both sliders correctly setup on the page but for some reason the items and your collection lists are empty. :thinking:

Are you using any external JS library on the page?