Unable to count all items from a collection page multiple times

Hello @Support-Luis!

I am having a hard time to understand something that seems pretty simple! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

What I am trying to implement?
In the same product category page have 2 text fields that display the total number of items of a specific collection list.

Please find a print screen that displays the first place, using CMS LOAD

Please find a print screen that displays the first place, using CMS FILTER

The first implementation works fine. The second is broken. Would you please advise?

The link to check implementation is here.
[Contracorrente Ecomm]

I have also added a print scree so that you can open the filter window and get to the second item counter.


hey @scunioci! This should work out of the box as it is set up. Can you try setting this element outside the modal? this might be affecting the functionality

Hello @Support-Luis !
Unfortunately is not working.
Please find some images I grabbed.

  1. Webflow screen displaying attributes applied.

  2. Published site.

Hey @Support-Luis .
I am adding an extra print screen for this.

Hey @scunioci! I just replied to your other thread and noticed we also have wized on this page. This might be what is preventing Attributes from working as expected. I am afraid you’ll have to avoid any Attributes for the time being.

:grimacing: oh gosh

@Support-Luis please have a look in what i found.

  1. I removed wized and the issue persists
  2. My interface requires displaying total itens and filteres itens in 2 places
  3. When I remove duplicates, everything goes fine.

My question for you is whether there is a way of displaying filtered itens in more than one element. And the same thing for and total items.


hey @scunioci! I still see the Wized embed on your site, however we can use some custom code to achieve this as we only need to mirror the text value from one place to another.