Using 'Select' Dropdown as Trigger for Mirror Input Values

Hi there,

I’m building a jobs board and have a form for people to post jobs. It has a ‘what your ad will look like’ bit at the bottom, which is being automatically populated as the user completes the form. I’m using Finsweet’s Attributes product ‘Mirror Input Values’ to make it work.

It’s working on all the fields so far except when I use a ‘Select’ dropdown.

Finsweet’s documentation for this Attribute says it should work for ‘Select’ inputs, but it doesn’t seem to be in this case.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

Hey @benedict.mcaleenan! Be sure that the attribute is placed correctly on your trigger and the target.

If the target is not a select then this mirroring might not be possible. However you can share a link to the site if you need any help figuring this out :slight_smile:

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Hi Luis, thank you, it works when the target’s a Select. Looks good after a bit of styling.

Can I make a product request? It would be brilliant if it also worked when the target is a text box if that’s possible to do.

Really appreciate your help on this.

Yes! I’ll be sure to add a feature request for this use case :slight_smile:

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