Adding CMS Nest to Established Multi-Reference CMS

Hey there,

We’re trying to use CMS Nest on a CMS Templated page that has a Multi-reference CMS but seems to be not working.


Hey @info2! I am afraid CMS Nest is not intended to be used on template pages. :slightly_frowning_face:

One thing we can try is using setup option #2. Let me know if you want to give this a shot!

Let give it a shot, I’ve added the needed attributes. Anything else I need to do?

Seems the items are correctly nested but the Rich Text element has a hide class that prevents it from showing. Can you remove this class?

Hi Luis,
I’m having the same issue - Trying to use CMS Nest on a template page where the primary list is coming from a multi-reference field. Can you provide more details on setup option #2? Sorry for piggybacking off this thread but figured it was better than creating a new post.

Hey @geminpak! Setup option #2 does not fetch any info from the template page which option #1 uses. Therefore it might be a solution on using CMS Nest on template pages as everything is “pre-loaded” with the setup.

You can find the specifics on how to do this on the Docs → CMS Nest - Nest Webflow CMS Collection lists without limitations

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